Boxing Day(s)

Thanksgiving Day is the most recent holiday, but right now the relevant time marker is Boxing Day. It’s not that we’re giving anybody but a Goodwill boxes of items; instead, we are boxing up the last of what’s in our soon to be former house. And are we ever tired of boxes!

Many people have asked whether we are sad to go through this process of selling the house where we raised our kids and have lived for almost a quarter of a century. I feel nostalgic sometimes, but honestly mostly it feels good to move on, start a new venture, and let this house once again have the vitality that comes with the presence of children.

Our kids were home over Thanksgiving, and each one told us that selling the house now feels right and fitting on some fundamental level. And we all agree that cleaning out the family home when you’re doing it at the time of your choosing and in order to start a new adventure is as good as this process gets. There’s no divorce, illness, or death here – just the joy of opening a new chapter in all of our lives. So here’s to what was and what will be!



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