The answer is yes.

The question, in case you are interested, is “Are we coming or going?”.

Tomorrow Mark and I take a midday train to Madrid and then connect to the airport. In the evening, we board a Norwegian flight to New York. We spend a night there and then fly to Cleveland to see our beloved Jane and JJ. During that visit, we get to celebrate the close of Jane’s four-year residency and upcoming job as an attending physician at a hospital in Cincinnati. Then we head off to pick up the five states we haven’t yet seen and, in the process, visit with our precious daughter Mary, who’s working at her first law job this summer at the City Attorney’s Office in South Bend. Baseball will be involved, I’m advised.

From there we fly west to visit our dear friends the Aldaves in Oregon and, we hope, see my college buddy Brett in Portland. From there we swing down to Austin for July and spend the month seeing friends and family and taking care of business before we return to Spain in August. Whew! We have two weeks here in Torrevieja before heading off on a cruise to the Baltics, Scandinavia, St. Petersburg, and various Northern European ports. We land in Southampton and indulge my Jane Austen cravings in Bath before heading back to Spain for the fall.

We have many miles ahead of us over the next few months. And we won’t love every minute of it, because some of traveling is always frustrating, tiring, or both. But will we love the vast majority of it, because we get to see new places and dear, familiar people? Really, need you ask? The answer is yes. img_0569



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