Ah, sea – ah, sea

This title is a pun. “Asi, asi” is Spanish for “so-so.” But life is anything but just so-so! We are back in Torrevieja after two months in the USA. Our time there was lovely, with many travels, many friends, and many baseball games. And then there’s the Tex-Mex and barbecue….I need to walk more now that we are away from those temptations. 😉

Mark and I arrived in Torrevieja early on Thursday morning and slept till noon the next day. We’ve been unpacking and stocking groceries, toiletries, and the like since then. As our apartment was rented out while we were gone, things are in some mysterious places around here. And over those months we lost a dozen or so of our best clothespins but gained a green bathmat and a pen shaped like a small, silver fish. Would you call that even?

Life outside our apartment is good, too. The weather is warmer and more humid here than we’re used to, but outdoor life goes on. We had tapas last night with friends and ate at a table outside the restaurant, and today after church we had coffee with friends in the congregation under a nice umbrella at a local cafe. Mark and I are walking and swimming a lot. He’s particularly happy with regard to the latter activity, particularly because here he doesn’t have to vacuum the swimming pool. The Mediterranean is lovely and just the right temperature now for swimming, floating, and generally hanging out in the water.

Besides the weather, the biggest change here is the number of people in Torrevieja. The beaches are packed. Restaurants are full. Red shoulders that are painful just to look at abound.  And there’s a fun fair across the street from us that stays open till 2AM. Soundproof windows deal with the potential nighttime noise issue, and the lighted rides at night are a sight to behold. And best of all, our daughter Jane and her husband J.J. arrive tonight for their first visit to Torrevieja. Hooray! If experience is any indicator, look for us on the rides at the fun fair img_0080tomorrow night.

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