We’re off, but you knew that

We board our Norwegian cruise today. The lovely picture is a graphic done by a fellow passenger, Fiona, who’s a university student from Canada.

img_0082Folks have asked about our itinerary, so here goes:

Away we sail on the Norwegian Spirit

My heart beats faster as I near it.

Wave goodbye to Stockholm, Sweden,

Green in August as the Garden of Eden.

At night we cross the sea so inky

To land at dawn in fair Helsinki.

Then on we sail the salty sweet

And spend our two days in St. Pete.

Stars will sing their great euphonia

As we pull into old Estonia.

I’m sure that it will intrigue ya

To know we dock next in lovely Riga.

All the while there’ll be a mania

For our stop in Lithuania.

We’ll see the highland and the lowland

In that storied nation, Poland.

The next port will knock our socks off;

We’ve heard great things about old Rostoc!

It’s hard to describe with just a pen mark

The delights of lovely Denmark.

Fun awaits one-, two-, three-, and four-way

When we dock in Oslo, Norway

Tulips, windmills, Delft, and such,

Wait for us in the land of the Dutch.

But quieter than the Moulin Rouge

Will be our call in fairest Bruges.

With French cuisine, we’ll never starve

As we tour and lunch in belle Le Havre.

Then to our last call we’re under way

To say “Cheerio” to the great U.K.!


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