Follow the bumpy brick road

Or, rather, it’s the black and white street tile road or the bumpy cobblestone sidewalks. It’s not the easiest walking on the knees, but Lisbon is lovely and very much a walking city. Despite jet lag, Mark and I had a great day with our tour guide, Judite, and her boyfriend, Carlos, our driver, yesterday. We got a great overview of this beautiful city and heard lots of stories about its history.

So why, then, am I posting a picture of our TV remotes? It’s because I’m super proud of how we navigated yesterday, even though we were both very tired from the blessedly boring flight from Boston. We had to stand in line for an hour for Passport Control (!) at the airport but apparently did not look sufficiently suspicious to raise any eyebrows there or at Customs. Judite and Carlos met us there and gave us a fantastic day tour of this lovely city. (Just ask me why St. Vincent holds a boat and crows in his hands!) From there we got to our Air BNB and were met by our host. We settled in nicely slept well, and are ready for the day.

A new abode is always a challenge. So far we’ve used the ATM to good end and gotten groceries. The latter exercise was a bit surreal, since the supermarket is in the area rail/Metro station and required a bit of finding. We did know to look for the milk in asceptic containers on the shelf, though. Score! In the apartment, we’ve run a load of laundry at a yet unknown temperature, adjusted the thermostat, taken much-needed showers, made coffee in a new-to-us kind of coffee maker (thank you Google for knowing where the power switch is) and plugged into the WiFi. The one thing we haven’t conquered is the – you guessed it – TV. The really embarrassing part of this failure is that, as you will note, the controls are in English. 😉


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