Tortillas 1, Peanut Butter 0

We have arrived in Torrevieja! After getting our eye-popping amount of luggage up to the 5th floor apartment – 6th in US counting – we ate takeout kebabs on the balcony and then made a grocery store run. The store sells Mexican tortillas, which is a great relief. (FYI in Spain, a tortilla is a frittata, which would make breakfast tacos redundant in the extreme.) Peanut butter, alas, is a pricey specialty item. We’re determined, though, so we’ll explore some of the mass markets after we’re unpacked.

And we are set up on WiFi. The password had the temerity to hide itself in the notebook containing the apartment information, but a quick phone call to the man who maintains the apartment when it’s rented resolved the problem. Note to self: yelling “Olly olly oxen free-o” was not efficacious.

The last task of the day is to locate the phone charger and my toothbrush. More adventures await tomorrow!



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