Canned goods

This breakfast didn’t come from canned goods, but it did come from a good can.

Let me explain. This breakfast of yummy pastries was born of two parents: the one-week anniversary of our coming to live in Torrevieja and the fact that I forgot to buy eggs or cereal yesterday. So while Mark was working on getting some paperwork together for yet another round with the Spanish immigration authorities (converting the visa into a residency permit, who knew?), I decided to amble down to the local pastelería and get breakfast treats. Only a few minutes and a couple of wrong turns later, it was mission accomplished and tummies filled. I can do this!

Thats where the cans come in, see? We are learning what we can do. We can buy pastries, get groceries, recycle our paper, hang up the laundry to dry on the lines on the roof, buy stamps, navigate the bus system- the list goes on. A week ago, we couldn’t yet do those things. Now we can. And, most importantly, over time what we can do will simply become what we do.

So cans are good. There are a lot more of them ahead, I hope. But even more inviting is the prospect of those cans morphing into a glorious, unremarkable, amazing life lived day-to-day. May it be so!






One thought on “Canned goods

  1. Those look delicious! Your pantry will soon be full of cans! P.S. This is Kathy Morales. I have a wordpress blog as well, but at one point my daughter changed the format and long story short, WP doesn’t recognize me as myself, so I use my ESL email to be able to comment on other WP blogs. And I haven’t the patience to contact someone to resolve this issue when I can do it this way myself.)


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